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On the heels of #AIRMAXDAY, Air Max legends continue as the theme for this week’s Throwback Thursday.  This week we celebrate an Air Max great that has yet to be retroed.  One can only hope that this shoe won’t stay in the vault forever.

The Nike Air Max 120 came out in 1998 just after Nike had pushed the envelope with Air Max the year prior with full length Air Max, but the 120 had a ton to offer despite less Air.  The shoes were much more responsive with cushioning and featured a cutaway forefoot reducing weight and increasing flexibility.  The mesh upper made the shoe much more breathable and lighter weight than the flagship Nike Air Max 98 that anchored the line.  A fun fact about the Nike Air Max 120 as well is that it was one of the first runners that was part of the Alpha Project.

Pairs of the Nike Air Max 120 pop up from time to time on the secondary market including this pair that has made its way to eBay.

Nike Air Max 120 Nike Air Max 120 Nike Air Max 120



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