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In 1996, New Balance dropped a Japanese exclusive model labeled the 580, a shoe originally designed for trail running. With its chunky look and the addition of the Rollbar stability system, it was perfect for comfort and stability on rough terrain. However, the shoe would quickly transcend its trail running roots, becoming streetwear favorite in both Japan and the US.

Sticking to its Japanese roots, New Balance Japan partnered up with Mita Sneakers in 1999. This collaboration led to many iconic models, which would propel the 580 to global stardom. The Mita Sneakers partnership is still going strong, with their latest release the MARQUEE PLAYER x mita sneakers x New Balance 580 GTX releasing earlier this year.

To this day, the New Balance 580 continues to captivate enthusiasts, seamlessly blending its outdoor heritage with contemporary style trends, affirming its enduring appeal in the ever-evolving sneaker landscape.

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