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Air Jordans were an instant hit thanks to a high flying rookie as well as one of the best marketing campaigns put together by Weiden and Kennedy. Jordan shoes have been the top selling signature basketball shoe that Nike has ever produced.  In addition to the signature Air Jordans, Jordan Brand has a major presence in the basketball and lifestyle market. Despite the fact that Michael Jordan retired from basketball in 2003 (for the 3rd time) Air Jordans are still the top selling models for many sneaker retailers. The legacy of Michael Jordan lives on with the release of new Jordans each year and re-releasing retro Air Jordans.

Retro Air Jordan shoes are remakes of the classic Air Jordans either in the colors Mike wore back in the day, or slightly modified to match with current trends. Beginning in 2005, Jordan Brand has brought back several “hybrid” Jordan shoes that take individual components from different Air Jordans and form one individual shoe. As part of the 23 year celebration, Jordan Brand started a multi-year campaign “fusing” the Air Force 1 with Air Jordans creating the Air Jordan Fusions.

Air Jordans for sale

Jordan Brand releases Air Jordans quite frequently, so definitely stay current with the release dates pages. If you are in the hunt for some Air Jordans that have already released, check out the links below.

Air Jordans for sale

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Air Jordan 5 Air Jordan 6 Air Jordan 7 Air Jordan 8
Air Jordan 9 Air Jordan 10 Air Jordan 11 Air Jordan 12
Air Jordan 13 Air Jordan 14 Air Jordan 15 Air Jordan 16
Air Jordan 17 Air Jordan 18 Air Jordan 19 Air Jordan 20
Air Jordan 21 Air Jordan 22 Air Jordan XX3 Air Jordan 2009
Air Jordan 2010 Air Jordan 2011 Air Jordan 2012 Air Jordan XX8

Retro Jordans

Following Michael Jordan’s first retirement, Nike set out to do something that many didn’t believe in – even consumers.  They rereleased older models of Air Jordans known as retro Jordans.  In 1994 and 1995, Nike brought back the first three models of Air Jordans, but the retro shoes were not very well received.  Following his second retirement in 1998, the newly formed Jordan Brand decided to take another whack at it and found success with retro Jordan shoes.  And today?  Well, retro Jordans are one of the hottest releases weekend after weekend to the tune of over a billion dollars in retail sales annually.

For information about upcoming Jordan shoes, be sure to check out the Jordan release dates or Air Jordan page for all upcoming Jordan releases for 2014.

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