This Day In Sneaker History: Allen Iverson Crosses Michael Jordan in Reebok Question

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What, specifically, do you remember about Allen Iverson’s tenure in the NBA? Is it A.I.’s infamous “Practice” rant? What about his one-of-a-kind moves on the Reebok commercials that many of us tried to mimic? Or maybe, it was his cross-and-step-over move on Tyronn Lue in game 1 of the 2001 NBA Finals. All of these moments remind us of the greatness and the shamelessness Iverson possessed on and off the court.

However, one of, if not the most memorable Allen Iverson instant of them all saw the longtime Reebok brand member taking on His Airness in an epic 1-on-1 moment in time on March 12th, 1997, 15 years ago to this day. Wearing the Reebok Question, A.I. crossed Michael Jordan not once, but twice at the top of the key before a standing crowd in Philly. Is this still the most memorable crossover in the past 15 years? View the video clip below, along with a photo of the Reebok Question Iverson wore during this moment.

Allen Iverson shooting a jumper over Michael Jordan
Reebok Question

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