?uest Love Air Force Ones (again)

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The ?uest Love Air Force One was the first of the 1World Air Force Ones to be widely available at multiple locations. First released at Alife in NYC and UBIQ, people lined up for days to get a piece of something special, but for those who spent all the time waiting in line only to resell, the joke has really been on them. Immediately after the release, ?uest Love Air Force Ones were receiving very high prices, but as more and more stores received deliveries, the price began to fall. Call it poetic justice or just irony. All in all, I suppose the moral of the story is wait in line for a shoe that you truly want, not just to try to make a buck or two.

This weekend the ?uest Love Air Force 1 will be making an encore appearance at multiple locations across the country including Proper in Long Beach, CA and Politics Lafayette, LA just to name a few.

?uest Love Air Force Ones

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