NYC Man Gifts Sneakers to the Homeless

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Andre McConnell of New York City looks to add positivity to the sneaker community by donating hundreds of pairs of shoes to the homeless. Head sales associate at menswear store Atrium by day, McConnell spend his evenings around NYC providing the homeless with new shoes, socks, and other items like hats and sweatshirts for his one-man non-profit organization “It’s From the Sole”. McConnell first got the idea after playing basketball in the park and spotting a homeless man with no shoes, who he then proceeded to give his basketball kicks to.

“I saw a homeless guy with no shoes on,” recalls McDonnell. “So I left the ballgame, took off my shoes and offered him my sneakers and he took them with a smile. As I walked away, I felt the gravel under my own feet, and it just hit me there has to be something more that I can do.”

Since then he’s expanded his efforts, now giving out free shoes and clothing to the homeless around the city every week.

To learn how you can donate your unwanted shoes to It’s From the Sole, contact contact Andre McDonnell at

via New York Post

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