Nike Air Force Ones

The Nike Air Force Ones were first released 25 years ago in 1982! Amazing that most sneaker collectors who salivate for these shoes weren’t even born yet let alone wearing them. The Nike Air Force Ones were the first Nike Baskeball shoes to have Nike Air cushioning.

The Nike Air Force 1 have been a major hit in the hip-hop community. Since their first release early 80s while the popularity of hip-hop grew, so did the Air Force One. Since hip-hop culture was so closely connected to the streets of New York and the basketball scene there, many of the up and coming artists from the streets of Brooklyn rose to the top while wearing the Nike Air Force Ones.

The Nike Air Force Ones have been released so many times that no collector has one of every pair of the Nike Air Force Ones. With so many limited colorways, celebrity exclusives, and even special holiday shoes, not one person has a good estimate of how many Nike Air Force Ones have been produced.

Nike and the Air Force Ones was a huge hit with many groups when they released Chinese New Year, Puerto Rico, and West Indies Air Force Ones. The Puerto Rico and West Indies Air Force Ones were released in time for the pride parades in New York. These shoes were a must have for the celebration as well as for collectors around the world. Each year, Nike releases a new Chinese New Year Air Force One. The most popular one were the Year Of the Horse Air Force Ones. In fact, Nike made a second release of these since they were so popular.

The Air Force Ones got a major dose of attention from hip hop when Nelly released the song “Air Force Ones” in 2002. In the video, you will see Nelly and the St. Lunatics wearing, buying, and points to Air Force Ones.