Every Sneaker Worn by PJ Tucker This Season

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The NBA is filled with sneakerheads. There’s an undeniable king of sneakers, however: PJ Tucker. The Houston Rockets forward is the reigning Kicks On Court Champion after an impressive 2019-2020 season.

We expect PJ Tucker and his collection to claim the throne from rocking coveted Air Jordans to Nike Kobe sneakers, including his Nike Zoom Kobe 5 Protro PE.

Take a look at every pair worn by PJ Tucker during the 2020-2021 NBA season. Will he repeat as the Kicks On Court Champion? We wouldn’t doubt it. Be sure to follow Nice Kicks Hoops on Instagram for more heat worn across the league.

Game 24 vs. New Orleans Pelicans

  • If you look closely enough, PJ’s latest Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Protro PE is inspired by the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Pure Platinums”
  • Nike needs to release these ASAP

Game 23 vs. Charlotte Hornets

Game 22 vs. San Antonio Spurs

  • PJ continues to show love to his late-friend by bringing out the “Westchester” Kobe 2
  • When’s the last time you played in some Kobe 2s?

Game 21 vs. Memphis Grizzlies

  • While we might not every see the Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Cheetah” release, PJ gives us the closest thing we’ll get to them
  • Nike really needs to release these for the culture

Game 20 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

  • The Converse G4 is the latest from the brand as it continues to make waves in basketball
  • What are your thoughts on this colorway?

Game 19 vs. Oklahoma City Thunder

  • It’s only right that the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 Protro comes back to Nike By You
  • Would you cop the “Cheetah”-inspired pair if these dropped?

Game 18 vs. New Orleans Pelicans

  • The Yeezy 2 “Cheetah”-inspired Kobe 6 might be on of the best PEs in existence
  • Nike should hire PJ to its design and color team, just a thought

Game 17 vs. Portland Trail Blazers

  • AS PJ puts it, “nobody has influenced me more in culture in fashion more than Kanye West”
  • With PJ owning the extremely rare Nike Air Yeezy 2 “Cheetah” pair, it comes as no surprise that his Kobe 6 PE adopts the colorway

Game 16 vs. Washington Wizards

  • Originally released in 2011, the Nike Zoom Kobe 6 “3D” is set to return this year
  • A year after Kobe’s death, PJ continues to pay homage to his late friend

Game 15 vs. Dallas Mavericks

  • The Kobe 4 absolutely changed the game
  • It’s a shame Nike didn’t release this colorway

Game 14 vs. Detroit Pistons

  • PJ continues to pay homage to his late friend through his sneakers. That’s love.
  • Take a look at every Nike Kobe sneaker worn this season

Game 13 vs. Phoenix Suns

  • Word to PJ for bringing these gems out
  • PJ feels that Nike should retro more KDs. Agree or disagree?

Game 12 vs. Chicago Bulls

  • A white version of the Kobe 6 that dropped for Nike’s annual Black History Month collection
  • Which Nike Zoom Kobe 6 should the Swoosh release next? The Nike Zoom Kobe 6 “All-Star” is releasing soon

Game 11 vs. San Antonio Spurs

  • The all-red pair was a nice ode from The King to the Buckeyes
  • The laces are a nice addition to the pair as well

Game 10 vs. San Antonio Spurs

  • Oregon Duck vibes on this Kobe 5 PE
  • Take a look at every Nike Kobe sneaker worn so far

Game 9 vs. Los Angeles Lakers

  • The Air Jordan 2 “University Blue” dropped in 2010 as an homage to MJ’s alma mater
  • Should Jordan Brand start retroing more AJ2s? Let us know your thoughts
  • PJ’s Kobe PE collection is top-tier
  • Peep that embroidered 17 on the collar

Game 8 vs. Los Angeles Lakers

  • The CLOT x Air Jordan 35 looks to release soon
  • The AJ35 is arguably one of the best performance models that dropped this year. Agree or disagree? Let us know your thoughts

Game 7 vs. Orlando Magic

  • The Nike Zoom Kobe 6 “Barcelona” is an ode to the Mamba’s love for soccer and FC Barcelona
  • Should Nike give these the Protro treatment?
  • The multicolor came on the Kobe 4 is a tough look
  • Be sure to take a look at every Nike Kobe worn this season

Game 6 vs. Indiana Pacers

  • Another day, another Kobe 4 for PJ
  • Should Nike have released these during the Kobe 4 Protro wave?

Game 5 vs. Dallas Mavericks

  • PJ’s plug deserves an award for this one
  • Michael Finley was one of the original Jordan Brand members. Legendary.
  • This Kobe 5 is tough
  • Take a look at every Nike Kobe in the NBA as we follow along to every Protro, OG, and PE

Game 4 vs. Sacramento Kings

  • You can never go wrong with a red upper and a gum bottom
  • PJ continues showing love to his good friend

Game 3 vs. Sacramento Kings

  • If you thought PJ Tucker was done, you’re mistaken
  • That Carolina blue and white is timeless

Game 2 vs. Denver Nuggets

  • Perhaps one of the rarest Air Jordan 5s to exist 
  • The reigning Kicks On Court champion is making his presence known early in this short season

Game 1 vs. Portland Trail Blazers

  • There’s no surprise that PJ’s PE game is miles ahead of everyone
  • The Kobe 4 changed the world of basketball footwear forever as it created a shift towards low-cut performance models


  • The reigning Kicks On Court champion is setting the tone early with the coveted Undefeated x Air Jordan 4
  • The pair ages like wine as it released back in 2005

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