Performance Review: Jordan Pure J

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Yesterday, we highlighted Atlanta Hawks wingman Joe Johnson wearing the newly-designed Jordan Pure J in our Kicks On Court. This newly-designed model is one of many Air-unit, performance-based sneakers from Jordan Brand within the last few months.

Seeing that Jordan Brand is currently putting a lot into its new, performance models, we decided to test another pair in the form of the Jordan Pure J (see our Jordan Take Flight Performance Review). Take a look at our Jordan Pure J Performance Review, and see what this newly-designed scored. Also, check out detailed photos of the Jordan Pure J and view multiple NBA players rocking this shoe.

Performance Review: Jordan Pure J

Heel Cushioning
Custom Fit
Heel Stability

There are many pet peeves for a basketball player in regards to performance kicks. Some may be annoyed by the lacing structure and how it relates to the lockdown of one’s foot, while others are angered by a shoe with little-to-no ankle support. However, most would agree that the primary breaking in of a shoe can be the most tedious and uncomfortable feeling especially in the preliminary stages of wearing it. There is only handful of sneakers that feel extremely comfortable fresh out of the box such as the Jordan Pure J.

First off, the Jordan Pure J features a very sleek construction which is a perfect build for those of you who have narrow feet. The upper automatically encapsulate one’s foot when placing it in the Jordan Pure J. There is absolutely no wiggle room for your foot, therefore, the Pure J features some of the best lockdown support of any performance based shoe on the market. Its molded collar is another credible source for this shoe’s unmatched custom fit. This attribute also aids to the security of the wearer’s ankle and heel.

In addition to Pure J’s custom fit, this sneaker also specializes in cushioning, balance and stability. Although it doesn’t possess a full, 360 Max Air unit, the Jordan Pure J still provides a nice smooth balance of comfort, through Air, both visibly and enclosed. Specifically, the Viz Air heel, along with Encapsulated air in the forefoot, provides a smooth, comfortable feeling throughout the entire foot.


The Jordan Pure J’s aforementioned custom fit is both a gift and a curse for the wearer. Although it owns a great amount of lockdown support for the wearer, it has a very tight, sealed fit which spares little to no room in the breathability aspect of the shoe.

Also, the Pure J is not one of you the lightest sneakers on the market. Weighing in at 17.84 ounces, this shoe possesses a heavier build than other shoes we have tested. The Pure J does not play as quick, fast and agile, mainly because of its excess use of synthetic materials on the upper.

Overview: A wearable sneaker fresh out of the box, is hard to come by in today’s performance world. The Jordan Pure J, however, specializes in this field. It is the perfect sneaker for those looking to engage in a quick game of 1-on-1, 21 or just shooting around. Breathability and response time are big issues in regards to this shoe’s performance; yet, Jordan Brand’s incorporation of Air, both Viz and Encapsulated, provides a nice smooth ride for the wearer.

The Jordan Pure J is now available at select retailers nationwide.

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