Performance Review: adidas adiZero Rose

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We showcased Derrick Rose’s adiZero Rose in our Kicks On Court earlier today and asked you if this model was one of adidas’ best signature models ever. We were specifically asking about the design cues of the shoe in regards to appeal. Why just outer details you ask? Over the past few weeks, we put Derrick Rose’s adidas adiZero Rose through our strenuous, performance tests to see if this shoe actually lived up to the hype.

Does the adidas adiZero Rose help one’s ability to maneuver on the court quicker and faster than others? Does the SPRINTSKIN monomesh really make this shoe a lighter, more breathable construction? Is adidas officially back in the signature sneaker race? Get the answers to these questions, plus more in our adidas adiZero Rose Performance Review.

adidas adiZero Rose Performance Review Scorecard

Lightweight Construction


Derrick Rose is undoubtedly one of, if not the quickest, fastest guard in the NBA. Therefore, adidas had their hands full by attempting to provide Rose with a sneaker that caters to his strengths without losing value in form, comfort and performance technique. The adidas adiZero Rose is a revolutionary sneaker and may be one of the best performance monsters we have witnessed from the Three Stripes brand. Derrick Rose himself best described this shoe as ‘balanced’ in a recent interview and rightfully so. The shoe has a perfect blend of must-have, performance based aspects: traction, breathability, lightweight construction and flexibility. The latter attribute definitely sets it apart from the other basketball sneakers on the market. In fact, the adidas adiZero Rose is the most flexible shoe we’ve ever tested. It is simply an attachment of your foot thanks to its bendable, lightweight, elastic-like SPRINTSKIN material.

The adiZero Rose is much like an elastic covering on your foot. One is able to switch directions quickly without having to worry about access weight that tends to delay players in some heavier shoes. Every aspect of the shoe moves in the direction of your foot whether it be a side-to-side defense motion or a quick, sudden crossover change thanks to the PUREMOTION element which aids the foot in a natural movement. adidas’ addition of the SPRINTFRAME should also be recognized for this shoe’s uncanny ability to mirror the foot’s movement. It specifically controls and locks down the heel for prevention of sliding when maneuvering quickly. Weighing in at 12.8 oz, the adidas adiZero Rose is definitely a sneaker that caters to guards especially those that rely on using quickness and speed. The aforementioned SPRINTSKIN monomesh also decreases the weight of the overall model all while increasing breathability. The rubbery, expandable material allows air to seep through the sneaker (along with perforations in the toe box and side panels). You can also credit the unique construction of the Geofit collar for its unmatched breathability level. One’s foot tends to feel too enclosed in some of the sneakers on the market today; however, the adiZero Rose provides lockdown support without ‘jailing’ the foot.

The traction level of the adidas adiZero Rose is another credible factor on this shoe. Thanks to the PureMotion pods on the outsole, this shoe gives the wearer a great stop-and-start option. Hesitation and changing different speeds are key to any guard’s repertoire, and this shoe is perfect for that in regards to on-court feel.

Weaknesses :
Collar Construction

Earlier in this review, we stated that the Geofit collar was a key factor for breathability; yet, its unique, one-of-a-kind construction can be a bit nerve-wrecking in terms of comfort and fit. In detail, the Geofit collar tends to rub against the heel and/or ankle.


Much like the Nike Zoom Kobe VIs and the Jordan CP3.IVs of the sneaker game, the adidas adiZero Rose is one of those special, guard-oriented sneakers that aids one’s quickness and speed. It is a lightweight, performance based sneaker that specializes in flexibility through the ever-improving SPRINTSKIN monomesh technology. If you’re willing to take a minimal loss in fit and covet a lightweight, quality sneaker, look no further than the adidas adiZero Rose. Derrick Rose’s first signature model is now available at retailers for $100.

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