Nike Air DVST8 // Throwback Thursday

lead image by @trydar

Devastate or Devious Tate?

Today’s Nice Kicks’ Throwback Thursday pays tribute to an underrated and under-the-radar old-school Nike Force basketball take-down model: the 1995 Nike Air DVST8.

This often forgotten, long-lost mid-90s basketball gem debuted at a retail price point that didn’t cause devastation to your wallet but rather was designed to devastate your opponent on court.

A cult classic, the DVST8 was worn by a plethora of NBA players including Gary Payton and surprisingly has a strong following today.

Originally dubbed the Nike Air Warrior, this silhouette lacked advanced Nike technology compared to the more expensive Jordan and Penny signature sneaker lines of the time.

Durable and made to withstand multiple court surfaces, this silhouette was made with excellent construction, superb padding around the ankle collar, and high-quality materials including durable full-grain leather and Durabuck upper.

Additionally, the DVST8 employed a variable-width lacing system for a custom, tailored, secure fit. Multiple versions released in high, mid, and low form in a plethora of colorways as well, most notably the black/white-true red Chicago Bulls colorway, a favorite among collectors.

As an aside, the DVST8 made its way from the NBA hardwood to the big screen when it appeared in the 1996 movie, Celtic Pride, starring Damon Wayans as Lewis Scott, whose teammate, Lurch, wore the DVST8 as his sneaker of choice.

Nearly 25 years following its original release, the DVST8 continues to hold a special place in the hearts, minds, and soles of die-hard 90s sneaker enthusiasts, a testament to its timeless, subtle, enduring, and alluring appeal, serving as a perfect example of an underrated, understated, under-appreciated true work of art.

The 1995 Nike Air DVST8, part of the Force basketball collection by Nike, a well-cushioned, stable mid-90s hoop shoe. May the Force be with you.