Kicks On Court: Election Night Edition – November 5th, 2008

Today’s Kicks On Court features two Adidas Brand members who took part in a historical night while on the court. As we all know, Barack Obama, our new President, speaks about ‘change’ regularly and quite often. With that said, we didn’t go to the polling center with Kevin Garnett or Tracy McGrady, but we can kind of guess who they voted for.

In the Boston Vs Houston game last night, Kevin Garnett hooped in the Adidas TS Commander with the words ‘EMBRACE THE CHANGE’ on the heel in green letters. In the same mold, Tracy McGrady sported the Adidas TS Creator with the words ‘CHANGE IS NEEDED’ on the heel in red letters. It is always a pleasure to see athletes who are in the public eye supporting something or someone that is positive.

On another note, Boston Celtics guard Ray Allen hooped in the Air Jordan 2.5 last night (just like every other JB member). While these shoes have been average reviews at best, we can always count on Ray to make them look nice. Is this the best colorway you have seen on the 2.5?

Click the jump to see more kicks worn by Tony Parker, Vince Carter, Tim Duncan, Jason Terry and others. Check back tomorrow to see Allen Iverson’s kicks in the Detroit Pistons colorway as he takes the court tonight with his new team.

Kevin Garnett shooting a jumper in the ‘EMBRACE CHANGE’ Adidas TS Commander PE.

Kevin Garnett’s ‘EMBRACE CHANGE” Adidas TS Commander

Tracy McGrady driving the baseline in the ‘CHANGE IS NEEDED” Adidas TS Creator.

Tracy McGrady’s ‘CHANGE IS NEEDED’ Adidas TS Creator

Ray Allen driving down the baseline in the Air Jordan 2.5

Ray Allen shooting a J in the Air Jordan 2.5

Bobby Simmons receiving an ear-full from his Coach Frank in the Air Jordan 2.5

Tony Parker laying it up in the Nike Zoom BB II

Jason Terry laying it up in the Reebok Omni Hexride.

Tim Duncan sporting the Adidas TS Commnader

Devin Harris (left) and Vince Carter (right) sporting the Adidas TS Creator and Nike Shox Gamer

Pics via Yahoo Sports.