Kicks On Court Archive Pt. 2

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Following the Kicks On Court Archives of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Ray Allen and Joe Johnson, our staff compiled the list of five more athletes who stood out in our daily Kicks On Court column. Specifically, Nate Robinson, Brandon Jennings, Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade and Carmelo Anthony all wore incredible player exclusives that left many of us dreaming of a public release. In case you missed our five new installments, check out part 2 of our Kicks On Court Archive recap.

Although Nate Robinson does not possess a signature line, he is undoubtedly one of the bright spots in Kicks On Court consistently. His best sneakers include the “Altitude” Air Jordan 13s, the ‘Orange Blaze’ Air Jordan 8s and the “Birthday Bundle” Nike Zoom LeBron IV.

Link: Kicks On Court: Nate Robinson’s Greatest Sneakers of 2009-2010

Many eyes were set on Dwyane Wade’s feet, as he officially signed to Jordan Brand in the summer of 2009. He did not disappoint in his first season with Jordan Brand, as he sported sneakers such as the “Bred” Air Jordan 11s, the “W3LCOME Home” Air Jordan 2010s and a couple of Air Jordan 12 PEs.

Link: Kicks On Court: Dwyane Wade Greatest Sneakers of 2009-2010

We expect big things from Dwight Howard’s footwear this year seeing that adidas will finally supply him with a signature shoe. However, last year, he wore some very eye-catching PEs such as the “Magic Beast” adidas TS Supernatural Commanders.

Link: Kicks On Court: Dwight Howard’s Greatest Sneakers of 2009-2010

Brandon Jennings and his Under Armour sneakers were a pleasant surprise in our Kicks On Court. He sported 12 different Under Armour Prototype Yong Buck colorways including one instance in which he wore a mismatched pair.

Link: Kicks On Court: Brandon Jennings’ Greatest Sneakers of 2009-2010

Carmelo Anthony’s 2009-2010 footwear was highlighted by 17-year-old Austin Jermacans’ Future Sole Jordan Melo M6 design. Check out the PEs Carmelo wore including the limitless pairs of Jordan Melo M6s he rocked.

Link: Kicks On Court: Carmelo Anthony’s Greatest Sneakers of 2009-2010

**Note**: We still have one more player to highlight in our Kicks On Court Archive Series!

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