eBay Continues to Grow Their Sneaker Sector by Officially Acquiring Sneaker Con Authentication Service

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It’s official — eBay acquires Sneaker Con’s authentication service. As one of the world’s leading eCommerce platforms designed to create buy-and-sell opportunities for people, this is a huge step for eBay’s sneaker sector. Sneaker Con and eBay had a promising partnership that led up to this point and allowed eBay to build a respected reputation within the sneaker community.

The partnership between eBay and Sneaker Con started in October 2020. Sneaker Con’s authentication service has been crucial in upholding eBay’s Authenticity Guarantee by offering an experienced vetting and verification process by Sneaker Con’s industry experts. This course of action has allowed sales to grow quarter after quarter. Within just a little over a year, more than 1.55 million sneakers have been authenticated by way of eBay and Sneaker Con.

With 1.9 million sneakers available on eBay each day, it makes sense for the platform to invest in their authenticity partnership with Sneaker Con. Under the new definitive agreement, sneakerheads will be able to indefinitely buy and sell footwear on eBay with total confidence. eBay also plans on staying connected with market trends to provide sought after items that collectors are trying to hunt down. eBay will continue to accommodate resale market trends and ensure a seamless user experience that provides the sneaker community with a reliable marketplace.

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