Blue The Great Launches “The Final Touch” Sneaker Sculpture in Partner with eBay

Pop artist and Jordan Brand collaborator Blue The Great teams up with eBay to launch his new sneaker sculpture, “The Final Touch.” Together Blue and eBay have put together an auction for the sculpture, with proceeds being donated to Blue’s high school art program.

Blue’s decision to give back to his high school art program was made in hopes that the future generation will realize that art can be a viable career option. Growing up in Texas, Blue felt that his environment failed to uplift art compared to other career paths.

“I feel like kids don’t know that there’s an option to be an artist professionally,” said Blue. “Sports and other options are pushed, but art isn’t. I’m trying to show people that’s possible — because I didn’t know it was possible.”

After dropping out of college, Blue began pursuing art through drawing and design. He became known in the sneaker space in 2019 when he partnered with Jordan Brand to release his very own Blue the Great x Air Jordan 1 Mid.

Dressed in mismatched primary color panels, Blue’s Jordan Mid became an instant classic with its distinct design, premium corduroy, and soft suede. The sneaker even features his signature bubble font “Blue” on the heel counter.

Much like his Air Jordan 1 Mid, “The Final Touch” incorporates primary shades of red, blue, and yellow. The base of the sculpture is a dreamy cloud embellished with feel-good motifs like smiley faces, paint splatters, flowers, and even an eBay branded paint tube and a Blue branded paint brush. A mummy arm rises from the cloud and holds a glass plated paint palette, which acts as a throne for your shining sneaker grail.

For those interested in purchasing “The Final Touch,” eBay will be hosting an auction for the sculpture from November 16th to November 22nd. Additionally, you can enter to win “The Final Touch” beginning on November 2nd. To enter to win, follow @eBaySneakers on Instagram and check out the full sweepstakes details.

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