eBay and Nice Kicks Launch Exclusive After-Market Retailer Partnership

In a digital age it’s crucial to stay connected with the rest of the world – especially true given the pandemic that we’ve all been living in for over a year. Thankfully things seem to be slowly getting back to normal and that means that sneakerheads the world over will be breaking out some well planned fits. That said, we know that some people like to wear only the latest releases, which have become harder and harder to secure at retail.

Something which has seen a huge rise during the pandemic is the digital sneaker business, and eBay has been hard at work to bring their trusted authentication services to the game. For years the platform has been a staple in grail-hunting, boasting the largest selection of styles offered on the internet and now eBay has successfully launched an expansion of an after-market for pairs that are more common. eBay works with SneakerCon to verify the authenticity of eligible shoes, guaranteeing that the buyer is getting the real deal. Another perk for the sellers & buyers who have powered eBay for years is that there are there are no seller or buyer fees for sneakers over $100 on the platform.

Here at Nice Kicks we’re proud to announce an exclusive partnership with eBay, to help sneakerheads secure the pairs they want without the concern of getting a fake. The sneaker game has changed rapidly & the peace of mind that comes with purchasing from a trusted source is hard to match. Be sure to look for pairs that are waiting on your wishlist on eBay, and don’t miss a release as we keep you informed with all the latest.

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