Big Baller Brand Might Be All the Way Done

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2019 has not been kind to Big Baller Brand.

By most metrics the most exciting sneaker startup in decades, the ambitiously independent but also arrogantly expensive footwear company has gone from breaking the internet to now without a working website.

A quick visit to offers an otherwise blank page that sends browsers to Alan Foster’s financial mentorship advice site. Out of respect to Lonzo who is suing Alan for millions of dollars which you can read more about here, we will not link that site.

Lonzo Ball in a Big Baller Brand ZO2.19 PE

Prior to this website redesign, the brand had been on tough times this summer, selling merch for extremely discounted prices at a local high school volleyball tournament.

While LaVar Ball established himself as the most polarizing parent in sports, he 100% brought tons of attention to his extremely talented sons and may have paved the way for the homegrown kick company that eventually kicks in the door and truly competes with the major players.

So far this season, Zo is lacing up low top Kobe 4 Protros for the Pelicans while little brother LaMelo is killing the competition overseas in KD 4s and KD 12s. Zo has the chance to position himself as the promising point guard of the Pelican’s future while Melo may end up the #1 overall NBA draft pick come next summer.

If this is in fact the end of Big Baller Brand it was fun if not interesting while it lasted.

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