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The Air Jordan 17 was released February 9, 2002. This was the first shoe released since Jordan’s 2nd return to the NBA playing for the Washington Wizards. The first color to release, the “College Blue” makeup, matched the DC jerseys and was worn on court by Michael Jordan. Jazz music was said to inspire the silhouette, seen notably (pun) on the model’s lace guard. Design details aside, perhaps the most memorable feature seen on the Air Jordan 17 was its $200 price tag which was sky high in 2002. Silver suitcase packaging and a special CD-rom that came with the shoe helped propel such positioning.

With MJ back in the game, the Air Jordan signature series once again had a proper endorser. Michael Jordan would play in all Wizards friendly colorways of the Air Jordan 17 during his first season in the nation’s capitol, averaging 22.9 points a night at the ripe age of 38, later turning 39 that season.

Just the same, the shoe would see on-air endorsement from the likes of Ray Allen, Darius Miles and Quentin Richardson in Gang Starr-scored commercials. Though Mike Bibby would wear PE pairs of the low top take, it appears clear in hindsight that with Money back on court that the Air Jordan 17 was intended to be almost exclusively for Mike as members of the Jordan Brand roster would juice Jumpman and retro models while on court.

Since its original release, the Air Jordan 17 has avoided the retro route with the exception of a Countdown Pack. One would hope/imagine it will eventually be re-released, however its technical tooling and inflation-adjusted price tag could potentially prevent that from happening.

Air Jordan 17s for sale

The Air Jordan 17 is the silhouette that adorned the feet of his Airness upon his return to the NBA hardwood. If you are in the hunt for some of rare models of the Air Jordan 17, check out the links below.

Air Jordan 17s for sale at eBay

Air Jordan 17
White/College Blue/Black
Air Jordan 17
Black/Metallic Silver
Air Jordan 17
White/Varsity Red-Charcoal
Air Jordan 17 “Wizard’s Home” Air Jordan 17 “Black/Silver” Air Jordan 17 “White/Red”
Air Jordan 17
White/Black-Metallic Copper-Sport Royal
Air Jordan 17 Low White/University Blue/Black-Chrome Air Jordan 17 Low White/Lightning-Black-Chrome
Air Jordan 17 + “White/Black/Copper” Air Jordan 17 Low “White/Carolina” Air Jordan 17 Low “All-Star”
Air Jordan 17 Low
Air Jordan 17 Retro CDP Black/Metallic Silver
Air Jordan 17 Low “All Black” Air Jordan 17 Retro “CDP”

Air Jordan 17

Jordan is BACK!

For a while, those who talked about a 3rd coming of Jordan were thought to be as crazy as the people who think Elvis, Tupac, and Biggie are still alive. Jordan proved all the skeptics wrong on September 25, 2001 when he announced he would return to the NBA and suit up as a Washington Wizard.

Keeping the Cover

The Air Jordan 17 design was said to be inspired by three things; “the fine details from an Aston Martin, the smooth lines and flow of a jazz solo and the long Air Jordan history of innovations in style” Well, if the Air Jordan 16s were equipped with a gaiter/shroud that was removable and that would cover almost more than half of the shoe, the Air Jordan 17s were no worse. With a removable midfoot cover you were once again given the power to choose whether or not the laces should be visible!

Metal and CD

But the midfoot cover was not everything. The Air Jordan 17 came with a Jumpman embossed metal carrying case. So, this was not your average shoe box. OK, we had seen this when the Japan exclusive Air Jordan 1s were released on January 1st 2001 but hey, now everyone could get one. But, believe it or not, it doesn’t stop there. In the lid of the carrying case a CD-rom could be found. Nike really knew how to make their customers happy!


When you decide to add a metal case and a CD something tells you the production cost must rise quite a bit. This also seemed to be the case as the Air Jordan 17 had a retail price at $200. Retailers everywhere had problems convincing people that $200 for a pair of shoes was worth it and many retailers cut prices down to $160 which was the retail price of the Air Jordan 16. The Air Jordan 17 made its first and only  return in 2008, minus the suitcase, as a part of the Countdown Pack series. Find out when they release on the Air Jordan Release Dates page. More info on Air Jordan 17, Air Jordan XVII.

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