The Complete History of the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement

Feb 8, 2016 | Matt Halfhill |



The Air Jordan 4 White/Cement makes its return this All-Star Weekend in 2016 remastered and with the iconic Nike Air branding on the heel tab.

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement History

The Air Jordan 4 first released in 1989 in the White/Cement colorway. While the model was well known for being on the feet of Michael Jordan, it was one of the first Air Jordans to crossover in a major way to pop-culture when it was appeared in the 1989 film “Do The Right Thing” directed by Spike Lee.

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement in “Do The Right Thing”

The White/Cement Air Jordan 4 was also in a number of print and TV commercials to promote the shoe. Below is one of the most famous Jordan 4 commercial spots featuring Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon in the thirty-second ad dubbed “Rappin’.”

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Retro

Air Jordan 4 1999 Retro

As stated earlier, the original release of the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement came in 1989, but in 1999 the Air Jordan 4 made a ferocious return as a retro. The ’99 release of the Air Jordan 4 reinvigorated the retro market which saw everything but success back in 1994 and 1995. For years, the White/Cement Air Jordan 4s were sought after by collectors, Jordan fans, and sneakerheads for its iconic style and true-to-the-original branding. With age, the midsoles deteriorate on the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement, but hundreds of collectors have commissioned sneaker restorers to “resole” the shoes with new midsole/outsoles giving new life to an old classic.

In 2012, the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement returned as a retro for the first time in more than a decade; however, aficionados were largely disappointed when the shoes sported a “Tech Grey” that was not the same shade of grey as the OGs.  Adding insult to injury, the speckles on the midsole, heel tab, and wings was not the same with larger splatters that were rounded rather than random and also had a Jumpman on the back instead of Nike Air.

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Retro 2016

In 2016, the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement will return in true form. Officially dubbed the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement ’89, the shoes are true to original form with the correct colors, increased leather quality, and Nike Air branding on the sole, insole, and heel tab.

The release date for the Air Jordan 4 ’89 in White/Cement is Saturday, February 13, 2016.  The retail price of the Jordans is $220 which has caused some controversy amongst collectors since they are retailing for $30 more than the traditional retro price of $190. While many may complain, it is a pretty certain fact that the shoes will sell out on release date due to their iconic history and fandom.

Below is a special edition of Throwback Thursday that we filmed in 2014 to celebrate the Air Jordan 4.

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Release Date

Air Jordan 4 ’89

Colorway: White/Fire Red-Black-Tech Grey
Style #: 840606-192
Release Date: February 13, 2016
Price: $220

To stay up to date with ALL upcoming Jordans, be sure to check out the Jordan release dates page.

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Photos

Photos below of the Air Jordan 4 ’89 White/Cement thanks to Livestock.

Air Jordan 4 ’89 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 ’89 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 ’89 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 ’89 White/Cement 2016 retro

Detailed photos of the Air Jordan 4 White/Cement compliments of @gc911

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2016 retro Air Jordan 4 White/Cement 2016 retro

Air Jordan 4 White/Cement Reviews

There have been a number of positive reviews of the upcoming Air Jordan 4 ’89 White/Cement. Below is our favorite from Mr. Foamer Simpson.

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