Air Jordan 4

Following an incredible season in the Air Jordan 3, the Air Jordan 4 brought forth some icon moments of Michael Jordan in Air Jordans as well.

While wearing the Jordan 4, Michael Jordan reached new points in his career. Taking home another scoring title with 32.5 points per game, Jordan also appeared in the All-Star Game, First Team NBA, and All-Defense. This year was one of Jordan’s best season despite no championship.

It was in the Jordan 4’s that Jordan made “the shot” which was a series winning shot at the buzzer to advance the Bulls to the next round in a do or die situation against Craig Ehlo and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The Jordan 4 also saw itself hit the big screen when it was featured on the feet of Mookie in Spike Lee’s 1989 film, Do The Right Thing.  An unforgettable scene involving a bicycle tire scuffing a brand new pair of Air Jordans had many early heads in the theatre cringe and sympathize with his reaction.

Spike Lee worked again with Michael Jordan and Nike for the commercial series promoting the Air Jordan 4.  One of the most memorable ad spots involved the famous “Can/Can’t” commercial.

The Air Jordan 4 once again featured a visible Nike Air cushioned heel, full length midsole, as well as increased ankle and forefoot support by way of added straps commonly referred to as “wings” that laces would go through.  The most signature element of the Jordan 4 was the gigantic heel tab with a big NIKE AIR branding that would be replaced with a Jumpman logo in retro releases following the 1999 retros that were true to original form.

Retro Jordan 4 History

The Jordan 4 retro first released in 1999 to much fanfare from Michael Jordan fans and sneakerheads.  The retro Jordan 4 release was the first time that the newly formed Jordan Brand had released a retro Air Jordan.  The Jordan 4 saw something unique to the shoe with the introduction of the Air Jordan 4 Retro +.  While the shoes featured the outsole of the Jordan 4, the upper was slightly different with a removed mesh side and tongue panels replaced by perforated leather, leather “wings”, and leather heel tab.  What stood out to most collectors was the absence of the NIKE AIR logo on the heel replaced instead with a solitary Jumpman.

The Jordan 4 retro has released a number of times with several campaigns around its bring back, but without fail, the Jordan 4 still remains to be one of the most sought after retro Air Jordans to ever release.