What I Wanted & What I Got: Team Nice Kicks

Sid Ashford

The seven extra air bubbles and substantial price difference was enough to sway my mom into buying the Nike Air Much Uptempo rather than my coveted Nike Air More Uptempo. 2011 saw the return of the Nike Air More Uptempo, which gave me the chance to show off to my mom and say, ‘Look, I got the real ones this time around.’

Ardee Taganas

Thinking back to the days of ’93, I can’t help but catch nostalgic feelings of the “golden age.” The Wolverines were hot in Michigan, Sir Charles wasn’t a role model, and shoe technologies were at the cutting edge of performance and style. I remember during that school year, I begged my mom to get me the Nike Air Force Max, which was worn and made notorious by the Michigan Fab Five and Charles Barkley. Ignoring any of my pleas, I got a pair of black and green Huarache Trainers to match my school’s colors. I guess I should be grateful that mom dukes didn’t lace me up in some XJ 900s! Thanks Mom, I love you!

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