What I Wanted & What I Got: Team Nice Kicks

Apr 14, 2012 | Nina French |



Ian Stonebrook

A sneaker collection embellished by a loving, generous mom saw many kicks come from long trips to Talbots and jogs to Jacobsons in Lansing, MI. With that said, not even the longest Saturday afternoon spent in the lobby of a Hudsons dressing room deserved a pair of Foamposite Ones. The $180 price tag was unfathomable at the time to an adult, let alone on a 10-year-old kid whose feet were still growing. Seeing as though she already bought me school shoes, a pair of Black/Blue Zoom Flight Fives, there was no way I was getting the Foams. Was rocking last year?s Flight Fives on the first day of fourth grade worth the wait on Foamposite retros? I was stunting in an AND1 Trash Talk tee, so, yes, definitely.

Nina French

After watching the adorable Dwayne Wayne character on A Different World wear a pair of ?Fire Red? Jordan IVs, I constantly begged my mom to buy them. My 10th birthday party was approaching and I only knew that she?d present them to me then. Towards the end of a wonderful party, I was only gifted with cards and a watch. Just as I attempted to mask my heartache, she cunningly came out with a huge gift-wrapped box. With friends circling around me in shared suspense, I quickly went through the wrapping, and paused when I saw the sneaker box missing my dream shoe. Instead, I was granted the newly released ?Fire Red? Jordan Vs! The guests couldn?t leave fast enough. Thanks mom!


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