These adidas x Reebok Hybrid Concepts are Worthy of Release

Nov 27, 2019 | Ian Stonebrook |



When adidas acquired Reebok 14 years ago the sneaker world wondered if and when the two power players would combine properties to make a collaboration of epic proportions.

In recent months it finally happened with the Reebok Instapump Fury Boost.

But who’s to say it should stop there? Not us and not our guy Aaron Kr.

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Unlike my previous “What If” series that will 100% never happen, this installment explores some crossovers that, at least in theory, could actually come to life. In case you didn’t know, Reebok is owned by adidas. Taking advantage of the opportunity at hand, the two brands are finally joining forces to create co-branded product. Their first offering is the Instapump Fury BOOST™, which so far has been met with a positive reception. With all due respect to the good people responsible for its creation, at least in my opinion, this was a missed opportunity to do something more befitting of a monumental moment such as adidas and Reebok coming together as one. Rather than opting for something that more ambitiously blends the two brands, the shoe is basically just the traditional Fury upper with molded Boost tooling replacing the original midsole construction. To be fair, in the development of something like this, these brands are restricted in all kinds of ways that I’m not. They have budgets, margins and timelines tying their hands, whereas I’m just whipping up best case scenarios with Photoshop. • I. ULTRAFURY™: This is my stab at combining the DNA of the original Instapump Fury and Ultra Boost in a way that more definitively represents the standout components of each model/brand. It would have no doubt been far more of a logistical challenge to produce, but if you’re gonna go as far as to unite two legendary sneaker titans for the first time, might as well leave it all on the field, no? #adidas #adidasoriginals #reebok #reebokclassics #instapumpfury #pumpfury #reebokpump #ultraboost #adidasboost #instapumpfuryboost #adidasxreebok #reebokxadidas

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Friend of Nice Kicks and industry vet, the longtime storyteller has put his graphic design chops and rich knowledge of footwear to create some adidas x Reebok hybrid concepts the brands should seriously check out.

Our favorites? The KB8 x Shaqnosis goes super hard as does the Kanye West x Reebok S. Carter x adidas Powerphase Calabasas.

From Rod Laver x Club C concoctions to much more, see what Aaron cooked up and let us know which ones you’d cop on social.

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IV. To be fully transparent, the Kanye shoe is unapologetic clickbait to hopefully get some eyeballs on a few of these other concepts that I think are considerably more interesting and much more in the spirit of the hypothetical collection. A little bit more obscure, or at least less sexy, in terms of the models used, but still all bonafide icons of each brand. Some of these designs are still works in progress, but nobody’s paying me for this so I’m just throwing them up here in their current state and moving on. Enjoy. #adidas #adidasoriginals #reebok #reebokclassics #EQT #adidasEQT #dualpump #reebokworkout #adidascopa #copamundial #reebokclassic #micropacer #alienstomper #adidasrivalry #reebokDMX #DMX #ZX #ZX8000 #adidasZX #yeezy #adidasyeezy #kanye #kanyewest #calabasas #powerphase #scarter #adidasXreebok #reebokXadidas

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