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Nike Air Max ’93


The Nike Air Max 93 was first released in 1993 known as the Nike Air Max 270. The Air Max 93 originally had this name because the Air Max heel was exposed for 270 degrees.This was somewhat of a followup to the Nike Air Max 180 in more ways than one. First, the Air Max 93 featured 270 degrees of air, 90 degrees more than the Air Max 180. Also, the Air Max 93 had a sockliner and no real tongue. The Air Max 180 also featured this “Huarache inspired” design.

The Air Max 93 also had more air than any other air unit in prior models. This provided the customers with unparalled heel cushioning. The Air Max 93 was also the first Nike running shoe to have a colored Air unit. Before the Air Max 93, the Air unit was just white. After the Air Max 93, all Air Max shoes have had a colored Air Max unit as part of the design of the shoe.

Nike celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the Air Max 93 by retroing the shoe in 2003. Since its first retro release, one could find a couple colorways released per year since. The Air Max 93 was also included in the History of Air Max package. Like the other Air Max shoes, two colorways were released to the public, and the Air Max 93 was available on Nike ID. It was here that you can make custom Air Max 93.

Early on in the Air Max line, Nike was not big into investing much money into soles of shoes. That said, the Air Bursts, aka Air Max 94, used the same exact sole as the Air Max 93. Also, if you ever take a close look at kids size Nike Air Max 95, you will see that the Air Max 93 sole is used for those as well.



Nike Air Max 93 Colorways

The Nike Air Max 93 is an iconic silhouette that graces the store selves in a few different colorways . Below are some of the best over the years.

size? x Nike Air Max ’93
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Nike Air Max ’93


Nike Air Max 93 for sale

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