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Jan 23, 2015 | George Kiel III |



2015 is set to be one of the biggest in terms of shoe releases. In addition to all of the new signature basketball shoes that are set to appear on shelves within the next month, we know of a number of other releases, such as Jordan Brand’s Remastered series, the MAGs and much more.

In our latest installment of Kick Chronicles, we, the Nice Kicks staff, identify and detail the shoe at the top of our must-have list for 2015. Check out the shoes each of us selected, and share with us the #1 shoe you’re looking to purchase this year.

Ian Stonebrook

adidas Yeezi


It’s been a really long time since I’ve wanted a shoe this bad. While I know the design of the adidas Yeezi is still very much subject to change, I think these are great right here. For one, I don’t have a single shoe in my closet that looks like these, while I feel like I’ve already done every retro runner or hoop shoe a hundred times over. The look is mature, progressive and performance driven; everything Kanye represents right now.

In 2014, fashion was pretty much dominated by tapered, luxury sportswear with items like joggers and Tubulars as the catalysts. I think we’ve seen just about as much in the way of cuffed pants as we can get, and I see street fashion either taking a sharp left or right. If it goes left, I think grunge will really catch on and we’ll see people dressing more like Travi$ Scott or Ian Connor. If it goes right, I think we’ll see more mature, lavish and semi-dressy wear like the stuff Kanye and A$AP Rocky have been wearing lately. These Yeezis are the perfect shoe to grow up a wardrobe without selling out.

PS. I know everyone is hating on the split collar but that’s the best part.

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