Vans and Sailor Moon Create a Collaborative “Pretty Guardian” Collection

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Moon Prism Power, Make Up! Vans transforms into the the universe’s favorite sailor soldier with the Sailor Moon x Vans “Pretty Guardian” Collection. The footwear range includes the Vans Sk8-Hi Authentic Stacked, Vans Authentic, Vans Slide-On, and the Vans Old Skool. The entire collection comes in family-sizing and features Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, Luna, and the Sailor Guardians. A second drop for the “Pretty Guardian” collection will come from Vans team rider and Olympic skateboarder, Lizzie Armanto. Using her signature shoe The Lizzie, Armanto brings her own Sailor Moon fandom to life.

The Sailor Moon x Vans “Pretty Guardian” Collection will be available beginning June 10, 2022. To purchase, visit and Vans retailers. Vans will also be giving super fans the chance to design their Sailor Moon sneakers exclusively through the Vans Customs platform. To customize your shoes with prints featuring the Sailor Guardians, Luna, Artemis, and more visit

Sailor Moon x Vans Sk8-Hi Authentic Stacked

The Vans Sk8-Hi Authentic Stacked takes inspiration from Sailor Moon’s signature look. The sneaker has silver satin quarters and smooth leather overlays finished with Sailor Moon’s brooch and bow. The gradient midsole is printed with the Sailor Guardian planet symbols and is covered with a translucent glitter rubber.

Sailor Moon x Vans Old Skool

The Sailor Guardian planet symbols appear again in matte black to contrast against the starry side panel. The nighttime-inspired design is made with smooth suede and black leather. The sneaker is finished with white laces and a white midsole.

Sailor Moon x Vans Old Skool

This Vans Old Skool has a patchwork design with vibrant art and highlights from the anime.
Hints of Vans’ iconic Checkerboard print is seen throughout the sneaker. The Vans sidestripe blends in with a simple stitched silhouette.

Sailor Moon x Vans Sk8-Hi

This Vans Sk8-Hi is perfect for the everyday Sailor Moon fan as this lifestyle sneaker features a photo of all the Sailor Soldiers together as one. The toebox and overlays are covered in black suede, while white laces and a white midsole complete the sneaker.

Sailor Moon x Vans Slip-On

Highlighting the good and evil forces of the Sailor Soldier universe is the Vans Slip-On. The left sneaker features characters from the Dark Kingdom while the right sneaker highlights the brave Sailor Soldiers.

Sailor Moon x Vans Slip-On

This Vans Slip-On is a tribute to Sailor Moon’s super cute sidekick, Luna. Inspired by the black cat this sneaker has a plush upper that’s soft to the touch. Luna’s face is embroidered into the toebox and is complemented by 3D ears to really bring the character to life.

Sailor Moon x Vans Authentic

This Vans Authentic features different Sailor Moon characters on the shoe’s various panels. Usagi and Tuxedo Mask can be seen on the toebox, while Sailor Mercury is seen on the lateral side.

Sailor Moon x Vans La Costa Slide-On

Sailor Moon springs into action on the face of these Vans La Costa Slide-Ons. She’s accompanied by her Sailor Soldiers who are seen on the face of the left slide. The images can be seen throughout the collection, specifically on the patchwork Vans Old Skool.

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