GREAT SCOTT! “Marty McFly” Nike Air Mag Release?

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization?s website and Dime, Tinker Hatfield and his boys at the Nike Innovative Kitchen have filed patent papers for a shoe with an automatic lacing system, such as seen on the Nike Air Mag from Back to the Future II.

If this technology is to be used in the form of a Marty McFly inspired sneaker it would be the definition of game changer; the perfect intersection between performance and nostalgia. The movie was set in 2015; is a Nike Air Mag “Marty McFly” release on the horizon? Stayed tuned to Nice Kicks for more info!

Check out more photos of the shoes, the lacing system, and the charging system below.

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Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Lacing Components
Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Fastening and Lighting Detail
Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Electric Components
Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Inner Component Detail
Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Function Diagram
Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Touch Closure
Nike Air Mag ?Marty McFly? Charging Stand

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