PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship Diaries: Day 14

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Roster: Satoshi Sutoh, Jonathan Guisbert, Ako Xiang, and Set Peterson (CMF)

Today I learned that it’s always good to take a step away from your work and think about the overall story, especially after sketching for quite a few hours. I sketched a lot today, and thought I was pretty refined with my sketch, but then I took a break and got some feedback from others and realized I had departed too much from my original story…sigh. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and there will be some more adjustments to be made.

While I took my break and de-stressed, I went to go check out the local art scene at Gallery 135. Every first and last Thursday of the month, Portland art galleries open up to the public and host viewing parties for local artists. It was great to see the artistic energy of PDX and how much appreciation people have for local talent. Above are two of the pieces that really caught my eye tonight. –Jonathan Guisbert

Some sketches that I thought were pretty close to refined. I definitely am going to have to make some adjustments to this tonight and tomorrow morning. It’s the never ending battle I have between being analytical and detailed versus keeping my design simplistic, yet effective. Another long night I’m afraid, but I guess it’s best that I change this now than later this week when we’re sending our concepts to print on presentation boards! –Jonathan Guisbert

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