PENSOLE World Sneaker Championship Diaries: Day 14

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Roster: Elizabeth Steenwyk, Maher Jemili, Guy Perez and Tuan Nguyen (CMF)

Some days, you just get a lot done.

Like today!

Between making a to-do list (D’Wayne’s daily suggestion to us. (Hint: it works)) and waking up earlier than normal, I’ve gotten so much done. Good thing, too, since our final design is due Saturday.

For now, here’s some of my mock-up process. The most important thing I learned in school this past year was to move ideas from the cloud/idea stage into physical representations so that facts, not theory, is the foundation.

Inspiration / Validation. If you ever come across a concrete section on the corner of a sidewalk and you’re wearing thin soled shoes, try walking in place. It feels kind of like a foot massage and will increase blood flow in your feet! First tape up! Sketches can lie to you and tape ups allow you to understand a shoe’s true pattern and lines.

Different massaging patterns for different people. There’s a lot of variation, but the different densities will be covered in EVA or another foam in the sole of my concept. I think that will help, but there’s only one way to find out…more testing and more asking my classmates to walk around with rocks and paper taped to their socks. (If you’re a designer, this is another reason to have good friends!)

-Beth Steenwyk

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