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Nike’s ongoing “Crazy” series stands as a visual crystallization of its creative brilliance. Alongside longtime ad agency, Wieden and Kennedy, Nike, over decades, has carried on its broad shoulders the conceptual imagery that moves both sports and sneaker culture forward.

From award-winning clips featuring Colin Kaepernick to towering bouts for women’s rights seen through the eyes of Serena Williams, the “Crazy” campaign is important because of its honesty and thoughtfulness. Everything is justly considered and focused through intention. Stories of perseverance, redemption and now, in the case of footballers Odell Beckham Jr. and Jarvis Laundry, friendship.

Beckham Jr, recently traded to the Cleveland Browns after a successful and almost unparalleled stint with the New York Giants, grew up with his new teammate and best friend, Jarvis Landry. Playing against one another in high school in Louisiana, then playing alongside one another at LSU, both were drafted in the 2014 NFL Draft and became star wideouts in their own right. Now, finally, their dreams of playing in the NFL will be compounded by playing together.

Nike funnels this missive through its “it’s only crazy until you do it” narrative. The sentiment surrounding Beckham and Jarvis is a bit more lighthearted than those that trail Kaepernick and Williams. Yet it, too, finds importance in truth and the light brightened when possibility meets alignment.

Beckham Jr. and Landry immediately ensure the Browns receiving core one of the most dangerous in the league. Moreover, no collective of custom cleats or pre and post-game style will be followed more than these two Louisiana natives.

Check out the clip above then see what’s in Odell’s wardrobe and peep his upcoming Air Max 720 OBJ.

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