Nike Shox BB4

Nike Shox BB4:? The Nike Shox BB4 is recognized performance-wise as one of the best basketball shoes because of their incredible responsiveness.? Incorporating the newly-minted Shox technology that was 16 years in the making, the Shox BB4 absorbed heel strike impact and transferred it to the forefoot for explosive foot movements.? The Shox BB4 was well-known as Vince Carter‘s shoe when he literally jumped over and dunked on a French 7-footer in the Olympic games.? It was rumored that Carter was testing out the shoes in Sydney and still undecided on signing a shoe contract, but after the games he faxed Nike a note saying, “Thanks for the shoes. They really work.”

Release Date: 2000
Model: Nike Basketball – Shox BB4
Color: White/Black
Availability: General Release
Info: Nike Basketball

Vince Carter in Nike Shox BB4: