Nike Basketball

Nike Basketball

Although Nike originally started with running shoes, it is nearly impossible to talk about Nike without mentioning basketball footwear.? You could probably even make the argument that you can’t talk about basketball without mentioning Nike footwear – History was made in Nikes and countless records continue to be shattered in them.? Whether its old school Blazers or the latest Air Maxes, Nike Basketball signature lines have represented some of the greatest players to ever play the game and embody an incredible achievement in footwear performance & design.? Nike Basketball has been a staple on the court, from the playgrounds to the NBA, for more than 30 years lacing up players worldwide and bringing style and excitement to the game.

Nike Basketball


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Nike Legend
Nike Legend
Nike Air Force 1
Nike Sky Force
Nike Sky Force
Nike Dunk
Nike Terminator
Nike Terminator



Air Pressure (1990)

Air Ultra Force (1990)

Air Force 5 (1990)

Air Bound (1990)

Quantum Force (1990)

Air Force 180 Pump (1991)

Air Command Force (1991)

Air Flight Lite (1991)

Air Mach Force (1991)

Air Sabre Flight (1991)

Air Ballistic Force (1992)

Air Bound (1992)

Air Raid (1992)

Air Flight Huarache (1992)

Air Sonic Flight (1992)

Air Force 180 (1992)

Air Bound (1993)

Air Maestro (1993)

Air Force Max (1993)

Air Sonic Flight (1993)

Air Raid II (1994)

Air Authority (1994)

Air Force Max CB (1994)

Air Maestro (1994)

Air Darwin (1994)

Air Max2 CB (1994)

Air Up (1994)

Air 2 Strong (1995)

Air Up (1995)

Air Max Sensation (1995)

Air Lambaste (1995)

Air CB34 (1995)

Air CB34 2 (1995)

Air Go LWP (1995)

Air Flight One (1995)

Air Wayup (1995)

Air Max2 Uptempo (1995)

Air Penny (1995)

Air Zoom Flight 95 (1995)

Air More Uptempo (1996)

Air Max Uptempo (1996)

Air Worm Ndestrukt (1996)

Air Shake Ndestrukt (1996)

Air Adjust Force (1996)

Air Maestro (1996)

Air Penny II (1996)

Air Foamposite (1997)

Air Zoom Flight V (1997)

Air Pippen (1997)

Air Bakin (1997)

Air CB4 (1997)

Air Max Uptempo 3 (1997)

Air Jumpman Pro (1997)

Air Penny III (1997)

Air Jordan Team One (1997)

Air Foamposite Pro (1997)

Air Total Max Uptempo (1997)

Air Super CB (1997)

Air Hawk Flight (1997)

Air Penny IV (1998)

Air Max Battle Force (1998)

Air Pippen II (1998)

Air Garnett (1998)

Air Zoom Flight (The Glove) (1998)

Total Air Foamposite Max (1998)

Air Team Max Zoom (1998)

Air CB4 II (1998)

Air Zoom T-Bug Flight (1998)

Air Garnett III (1999)

Air Pippen III (1999)

Air Vis Zoom Uptempo (1999)

Air Holistic Uptempo (1999)

Air Aggress Force (1999)

Air Afterburner Flight (1999)

Air Team Max Zoom II (1999)

Air Flightposite (1999)

Air Powermatic (1999)

Air Zoom GP (1999)


Shox BB4

Air Flightposite KG

Air Zoom GP II

Air Pippen IV
Air Flightposite III

Air Pippen V

Air Signature Player

Air Zoom GP III

Air Jet Flight

Air Hyperflight

Shox VC

Air Zoom GP IV

Shox Stunner

Air Max Elite

Shox VC II

Air Zoom Ultraflight


Shox Supremacy

Flight 2k3