Vince Carter

Hailing from Chapel Hill, Tar Heel turned pro Vince Carter made a splash early in career with his acrobatic high-wire act.? The athletic swingman joined the Toronto Raptors where he would become a fan favorite alongside cousin Tracy McGrady.? After a historic performance in the 2000 Dunk Contest, Carter would become a household name and leading All-Star vote getter.? Carter would continue to shine in Toronto keeping the Raptors in playoff contention.? Injuries would damper the young star’s career and he would eventually move onto New Jersey to join Jason Kidd and Richard Jefferson.? Carter was recently traded to the Orlando Magic where he is expected to contribute immediately.

Puma was the first shoe company to outfit Carter.? The Puma Vinsanity was an attempt to catapult Puma back into the performance basketball footwear game.? After his rookie season, Carter left Puma and dabbled in adidas and And 1 sneakers.? Eventually he would go back to Nike, the brand he donned at UNC, where he would become the poster boy for the Shox line.? Carter’s high flying game was a perfect match for the Shox technology.? The first installment, the Nike Shox BB4, was a commercial and critical success for Nike and led to the dawn of Carter’s signature line.? The VC Shox line would last for five seasons showcasing a variety of unique colorways.? Nowadays Carter continues to sport Nike Shox and wears special PE makeups of their marquee models.

Puma Vinsanity

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Nike Shox BB4

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