Nike Air Bakin

Would you like fries with that?? Known for its Ketchup and Mustard colorway, the Nike Air Bakin is a love/hate shoe that everyone has an opinion on.? Backed by Mitch Richmond and Tim Hardaway, the Bakin caused quite a stir not only for its loud design but for the font used for the “Air” logo on the back.? Because of its resememblence to the Arabic form of “Allah” the shoe was recalled and a Swoosh patch was placed on the heel.? Despite the controversy, the shoe released in an array of team based colorways and generated enough buzz to get retroed in 2007.

Release Date: 1997
Model: Nike Basketball – Air Bakin
Color: Black/Red-Yellow
Availability: General Release
Info: Nike Basketball

Nike Air Bakin Retro

Nike Air Bakin Retro “Cool Grey”


Tim Hardaway in Nike Air Bakin