Nike Air Dynamic Flight // Throwback Thursday

words & photos by Seth Wollman

Big Pippen. Welcome to this most recent edition of Nice Kicks’ Throwback Thursday. Earlier this week, the sports and sneaker community celebrated the birthday of one of the greatest sidekicks and most versatile players in NBA history, the Silent Assassin, Scottie Pippen.

Today, we continue Pippen’s belated birthday celebration with a look back at one of the most memorable sneakers worn on court by Scottie, a long-lost yet well remembered model, the 1993 Nike Air Dynamic Flight.

A member of the 1992 Dream Team, 6x NBA Champion, NBA All-Star MVP, and member of the NBA Hall of Fame, Scottie’s basketball resume is as equally impressive and extensive as his sneaker history. While Scottie did not receive his very own Nike signature line and logo until the advent of the Nike Air Pippen in 1997, certain early 90s Nike Flight basketball sneakers have become synonymous with his name, most notably the model seen here, the Dynamic Flight in the black/white-fire red Chicago Bulls colorway.

A truly innovative, avant-garde sneaker, the Dynamic Flight followed in the footsteps of two of its predecessors, the Nike Air Flight Lite and Air Flight Huarache. A lightweight, versatile sneaker, the Dynamic Flight featured a high cut design providing excellent ankle support without additional weight and served as a sneaker of choice by guards and big men at both NBA and college levels including the Fab 5 at Michigan.

The focal point of the Dynamic Flight, from a both a technology and design standpoint, is its Huarache inner-bootie made of neoprene and spandex which served to literally hug the foot, offering a custom, responsive feel. The sneaker literally became one with the foot, a fusion between technology and anatomy. A genuine artifact straight from the early 90s era, the Dynamic Flight incorporated several memorable, classic 90s design cues including a detailed pattern along the tongue like that seen in other models of the era including the Air Jordan 7 and Agassi’s Air Challenge Future tennis sneaker. Additionally, the Dynamic Flight featured an outsole design featuring a herringbone tread along with a circular pattern like that of the Air Force Max CB, Air Maestro, and Air Jordans 6 through 8. A large Huarache logo is seen along the front aspect of the tongue, while the Flight logo is proudly embossed on the heel paying respect to its Flight heritage. Also of note, the shoes came in a black Nike Huarache box which featured a few words about the Huarache technology.

While not an official Pippen signature model, the Dynamic Flight has firmly cemented its place as one of the most innovative Nike basketball sneakers of all time. Nearly 25 years after its original production run, this silhouette remains a grail among vintage Nike basketball collectors, serving as a testament to its timeless nature and appeal.

Above the rim and below the basket, versatile, speedy, and lightweight. Dynamic indeed.

lead image shot via Mis Zapas