My 5: KB’s Sneaker Rotation

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Nike Air Yeezy 2 Black/Solar Red

KB: “I may need to switch these out because one of my good New York friends is challenging their authenticity. I did some extensive study on it and it looks like they all checked out for me, but he wants me to take them to a shoe convention for the final say. Unfortunately, the “Solar Reds” are a very well replicated shoe. I had to say that for my own conscious’ sake, but I believe that they’re real. The album that I dropped, Tomorrow We Live, uses the colorway of that shoe where the cover is salmon with the ashy black. The shoe is just one to look at. When I first got them, I put them in a case because they felt like a trophy to me. They’re so well designed and they feel like a combination of a lot of the shoes that we liked. The toe box reminds me of a Jordan, the strap reminds you of a Deion Sanders shoe and the glow-in-the-dark bottom takes you back to the LA Gears we had as kids. It’s kind of got a little bit of everything and I find it highly impressive that they thought to work in snake scales on the side of the shoe. Who thinks like that? Kanye and the brother who designed these really were on one, I think it was genius. That is a shoe that really doesn’t need much of anything else going on with the outfit, those are my universal joints. If all else fails, just throw those bad boys on.”

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