My 5: KB’s Sneaker Rotation

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words & interview // Ian Stonebrook:

Make no mistake, KB is soft spoken, but he sure has a lot to say about his kicks. Joining the likes of Lecrae in a new wave of Christian artists with a modern sound, the Reach Records rapper definitely finds joy in the design details and self expression evoked through footwear. Well aware of trends but even more aware of his own style, KB’s rotation sees everything from vault Jordans to contempoary Kanyes. See what he’s rocking on stage, on dates and on the regular in the latest My 5.

Air Jordan 8 “Aqua”

KB: “Those are my performing shoes. Most of the pictures that fans post online of me at concerts are in those shoes. They are literally the most comfortable pair of shoes I own. I love how the design is almost a shoe inside of a shoe. Unlike Air Force 1s and other shoes that come with straps, the bunny ear straps on the 8s last very long. Even if they bend the wrong way in the suitcase, all you’ve gotta do is restrap them and wear them like that for about an hour. Also, the quality of this shoe is just fantastic! These came out in 2007 and they look like I’ve only had them for a year or so — and I got them used! There’s some paint cracking, but I like it. The shoe has a story and it has some character. For me, I take great joy and pride in the minor creases and the little paint cracks. It’s a champion, it’s a trooper of a shoe.”

“Part of me doesn’t want to re-buy them, I kind of just want to restore the ones I already have. I’ve just got a special loyalty to classics and things that have antiquity. I’d rather spend the money restoring the shoes I already have rather than re-buying the new retros.”

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