My 5: KB’s Sneaker Rotation

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adidas Yeezy Boost

KB: “I’m not trying to be one who is floating with the popular trends, but I love the Yeezy Boosts. I love it, I love that shoe. [Laughs] However, I feel that the Boost technology was a little oversold as I thought it would make a bigger difference on my heel. I’d give it a 7/10 as far as comfort. But the design of the shoe, I think it’s close to flawless. I’m also big on presentation and I really enjoyed the way that they packaged it. It’s almost like they’re giving you a cake with the size of the box. You slide the top off and inside there’s this package that looks like there’s a note in it, but there’s shoe strings. Then there’s another layer of bags that are individual to each shoe. I really enjoyed that and the artist’s thought on the whole experience.”

“For me, one of my favorite things to do is take my wife out on dates. We get really, really fly and I like to throw those bad boys on when we go out on the town. I also wore those in a music video I did with Lecrae called “Sidewayz.” We both had them on in there. I had the idea of kind of creating a hip-hop version of Inception or Interstellar and the Yeezy Boost had that space type of feel to it, so I wore them in that video for that purpose. By the grace of almighty God, I paid almost nothing as they were sponsored by Forgiven boutique in Chicago. They would’ve been worth the investment, as it’s a beautiful shoe. For lack of a better word, it’s a sexy shoe. [Laughs] I’m sorry.”

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