Montreal Foot Locker Looted Following Canadiens Win

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Last night, the Montreal Canadiens hockey team won Game 7 of their NHL Conference Semi-Finals game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. Following the victory, hockey fans partied along a major Montreal downtown street before storming a local Foot Locker, breaking in and looting the inventory.

This event comes almost a year after the looting of Holy Grail, a Los Angeles consignment sneaker store, after the Lakers won the 2009 NBA title. Following the 5-2 victory by the Canadian hockey team citizens took to the streets, breaking public and privately owned property. This Foot Locker, which is located just outside a police-established “festive zone” in the heart of downtown, received some of the worst damage. According to police, the crowd turned unruly after starting their celebrations peacefully. Once a few people began misbehaving, the small mob turned into hundreds of rioters. Because of the mayhem, Montreal city officials are considering closing down the street for the next round of NHL action. Montreal citizens may want to consider staying in their homes after watching the next couple of games, and hopefully no more NHL or NBA cities will experience the same trauma as their respective seasons come to an end.

Looters trash a Montreal Foot Locker.
Looters take off with whatever they can carry.

Source: AOL

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