Michael Jordan

There are no words that could truly describe the basketball player that Michael Jordan is. Mentioning statistics, awards, or his six championships all fail when attempting to show MJ’s greatness. He single handedly changed the game of basketball having Larry Bird say that he was just, “God disguised as Michael Jordan”. Maybe to measure his greatness you must realize that every great player in NBA will have to be compared to Michael even though few will come close. Or maybe, we should just realize that modern day basketball would simply not be the same without number 23.

Nike, the modern day basketball giant, was having trouble breaking into the basketball market. Then someone answered they’re prayers as they signed Michael Jordan to what was about to become the greatest signature shoe line of all time. At the time of the Jordan I sneakers in the NBA were predominantly white, the bold black and reds of the 1 caused the NBA to ban it for $5,000 each game. This controversy started the greatest signature line the world of basketball will ever know. From the Jordan I released in 1985 to the Jordan 2009 they are always the shoes with the highest demand. Regardless if Jordan is winning championships or enjoying his induction to the Hall of Fame is signature line will live on.

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