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While the obvious name of the Air Jordan 2009 was a story in and of itself leaving the Jordan 1-XX3 series behind, the Jordan 2009 has as much in common as the prior models – a revolutionary design, unparalleled performance and one of a kind style.


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Michael Jordan collaborated with Jason Mayden, Jordan Brand’s Senior Footwear Designer, to create the Air Jordan 2009. If you are looking for some of rare models of the Air Jordan 2009, check out the links below.

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Air Jordan 2009 S23
Black/Metallic Gold

Air Jordan 2K9 S23

Air Jordan 2009
White/Metallic Silver-Black

Air Jordan 2K9 White/Silver

Air Jordan 2009
Black/Varsity Red-White

Air Jordan 2K9 Hall of Fame


Michael Jordan collaborated with Jason Mayden, Jordan Brand’s Senior Footwear Designer, to create the Air Jordan 2009. The shoe combines new cutting-edge performance technology with innovative style, adhering to the Nike Considered Design ethos of environmentally-preferred shoe development and construction. Providing the most elite experience in basketball performance and style, the Air Jordan 2009 stays in line with the franchise’s history, yet the design clearly exhibits a forward-thinking approach.

The Air Jordan 2009 incorporates a new, innovative technology in basketball footwear called Articulated Propulsion Technology, or APT. The carbon fiber prosthetic running technology used by Paralympians such as April Holmes, a Team Jordan track and field athlete and the world record holder in the 100, 200 and 400-meter races, inspired designers to incorporate those elements into the shoe and results in its futuristic look. Following the same basic form as the prosthesis Holmes wore during her gold medal 100-meter race for the 2008 Paralympic Games, the Air Jordan 2009’s APT allows the athlete to explosively and quickly propel forward on the court.

In addition to its performance technology platform, the Air Jordan 2009’s modern design elements offer a bold style statement by incorporating satin pleats and polishable dress-shoe-like panache leather, the first Air Jordan to utilize these luxurious design elements. A diamond-shaped hologram references the authenticity of the Air Jordan franchise while another distinguishing factor is the midsole’s thermo plastic urethane chassis. Created with a special injection process, the chassis features a blown-glass-inspired pattern that is unique to every shoe, making each pair a unique, one-of-one limited edition collection.

An exclusive limited release Air Jordan 2009 launches on Saturday, January 31, 2009 with a suggested retail price of $230. The first nationwide launch coincides with All-Star Weekend, releasing on Saturday, February 14, 2009 with a suggested retail price of $190.

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