Kicks On Court: Ray Allen Makes History in Jordan One6One7

The Celtics’ season has been a year-long game of whack-a-mole for their competition. As soon as one of their stars is contained, another shows up and leads them to victory. Last night, it was Ray Allen’s turn to shine and he did it in a newer Jordan silhouette, the One6One7.

With Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett serving as non-factors, Sugar Ray went for seven three pointers in the first half, tying an NBA Finals record. The third quarter saw him bury his eighth, making him the lone player to hit so many from deep. Sneaker highlights from the game include a return to the Game 1 AF1 Highs that earned Rasheed Wallace top honors in Game 1’s Kicks On Court coverage, Kobe and D-Fish sporting matching kicks and Rondo’s ultra-bright Hyperfuses.

Ray Allen celebrates his seventh 3-pointer in the first half in the Jordan One6One7.
Ray Allen sports a grin and the Jordan One6One7.
Ray Allen in the Jordan One6One7 and Kobe Bryant in the "Big Stage" Nike Zoom Kobe V.
Paul Pierce attacks the hoop in the Nike Air Legacy
Rajon Rondo in the Nike Hyperfuse and Kobe Bryant in the "Big Stage" Nike Zoom Kobe V.
Rajon Rondo attacks in the Nike Hyperfuse.
Ron Artest attacks in his Peak signature, while Rasheed Wallace wears the Nike Air Force 1.
Andrew Bynum and Kobe Bryant wear their respective Peak and Nike signature sneakers.
Lamar Odom wears the Nike Hyperdunk, Ron Artest in Peak and Shannon Brown and Luke Walton in the Zoom Kobe V.

Source: Yahoo Sports