Kicks On Court Diaries: Preseason Panel with NBA Experts

4. What was the most intriguing player transaction this offseason from a Kicks On Court standpoint?

Sweeney: I’d probably go with Nick Young. His last few teams haven’t given him a great opportunity to rock some fly colorways — I’m not a big fan of the almost “USA” like colors of the Clippers and Sixers. But with the Lakers? He can go all out. Young is as Hollywood and as flashy as they come, so gold, yellow and purple should fit him perfectly.

McMenamin: Nick Young to the Lakers. Nick is a protégé of Gilbert Arenas, the self proclaimed “sneaker champ” who once rocked a pair of Dolce & Gabannas in a game at Staples Center, so you know he has seen the envelope pushed and will want to shove the stationery even further, if you will. Plus, being back in his native L.A. where he surely knows all the underground sneaker spots, will only keep his collection as stocked as ever.

MacKenzie: Steph moving to Under Armour was an unexpected storyline, and I’m curious to see what he’s going to be unveiling this season.

Twersky: Andre Iguodala, wearer of some of the nicer colorways in simpler Nikes, going to the Golden State Warriors is a big one. Lots he can do with the yellow, blue and white. Also, as I mentioned before, Young going to the Lakers is a big one. Victor Oladipo, the No. 2 overall pick who reportedly signed with Jordan, is another big one. I’m excited to see what black and blue joints JB will set him up with. Putting a different spin on things, the rebranding of New Orleans as the Pelicans, with new colors and all, means that the entire roster could don some interesting kicks. I’d watch out for Tyreke Evans, Jrue Holiday and, especially, Anthony Davis in particular.

Kerby: Does Rudy Gay getting a whole season on the Raptors count? I feel like he didn’t have all of his shoes last year, since he was a midseason trade. I think that should count, but if not, I’ll go with the 1-2 punch of Nate Robinson and Rip Hamilton both leaving the Bulls, meaning we won’t be seeing a bunch of Js in the colors they were meant to be seen in. Truly unfortunate.

Kiel: I’d have to say Nick Young to the Lakers for sure. Do know that every team he’s played for since he’s been in the NBA – Washington Wizards, Los Angeles Clippers and Philadelphia 76ers – has a color scheme of red, white and blue. There’s a countless number of shoes that feature red, white and blue. It will be tough for Nick Young to maintain that wow factor with an uncustomary colorway, but who else than Nick? Nick Young’s move to LaLa Land can also potentially serve as a platform to bring Kobes to the court we haven’t seen in a while.

Wong: It was interesting to see these mid-tier stars leave Nike for other brands. Steph Curry going to Under Armour, Rajon Rondo to Anta. You’ll be seeing more of this as players want to maximize their earnings and marketability. Nike is head-and-shoulders No. 1 in basketball, but they only have so much marketing opportunities for players not named LeBron, Kobe or Durant. Kyrie Irving looks to be the next in line and don’t forget Andrew Wiggins is just 7-8 months (if all goods accordingly) from being the No. 1 pick and biggest-since-LeBron sensation to enter the NBA. This opens up opportunity for adidas, Under Armour or a Chinese brand to make a mark.

Whitaker: I think Steph Curry going to Under Armour is pretty interesting. I know they’re trying hard to push their Anatomix Spawn and continue building momentum, and Curry gives them a big-time superstar to help push things forward.

Ungvari: I’d have to say Nick Young leaving Philly and joining the Lakers. Combine Swaggy P’s love of kicks and his outrageous wardrobe with the newfound attention he’ll get playing in his hometown and you know he won’t disappoint.

Cason: I think Nick Young signing with the Los Angeles Lakers. Every guy wants the chance to play for his hometown and what better situation for Nick than to be playing in front of his family and friends while also being under the wing of Kobe?


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