Kicks On Court Diaries: Catching Up with the Reigning Champion Nick Young

By now, you know what to expect from Nick Young. Or do you?

The lively Los Angeles Lakers guard is erratic by nature – in a good way – which makes his on-court footwear selections vastly intriguing. So naturally, we have come to expect the unexpected when it comes to Swaggy P in whatever he does. Before the season kicks off, we attempt to find out what’s next for the two-time Kicks On Court Champion.

In today’s installment of our Kicks On Court Diaries series, Young discusses his sneaker research over the summer, his effect on the Kicks On Court landscape and what we can expect from him, shoe-wise, this season.

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Interview by George Kiel III 

Nice Kicks: First off, how did the surgery go on the thumb?

Nick Young: It went really well. I’m just itching to get back on the court now. Thanks for asking though, my man.

Nice Kicks: Sure thing. So, let’s jump right into it. What has the reigning Kicks On Court Champion been up to this summer?

Nick Young: Not much, man. Just working out and prepping for the season. Believe it or not, shoe-wise, I did a lot of researching on which sneakers I plan on bringing out this season. I didn’t pick up a lot this summer because I usually get most of my shoes throughout the course of a season, but I definitely did my research on the web about some different shoes I plan to get pretty soon.

Nice Kicks: What did you come up with through your research?

Nick Young: I really feel like Nike needs to release some more of the old high-tops that the big men, like David Robinson, used to wear. It’s hard to find those old-school Nike Force shoes that are in playing condition. I’m really looking to bring out shoes from that early ’90s era this time around, but I have to make sure they’re in good condition.

Nice Kicks: I hear you. That might be tough. I know you’re a big Nike Kobe fan, so with him returning to the fold, how does that potentially affect what you wear on court?

Nick Young: I’ve been thinking about that a lot this summer. I might have to switch it up a little bit. Kobes are still my go-to, but I’ll definitely have to be more creative. It’s not too many Kobes that I can get that he doesn’t have. I was getting all of the exclusive Kobes last year while he was out seeing that we’re the same size. Between him giving me some pairs and Nike hooking me up, my Kobe collection was looking really good. But don’t worry; Swaggy has a couple of surprises for y’all this year.

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