Kicks On Court Diaries: 5 NBA Teams to Follow Closely this Season

By now, you’ve identified some of the top teams to watch this season – namely the Cavaliers, the Bulls, the Spurs, the Thunder and so forth. But viewing it through a Kicks On Court scope is totally different. In our last installment of Kicks On Court Diaries, we distinguish the top five teams to follow closely this season from an on-court footwear standpoint.

Phoenix Suns

Why You Should Pay Attention: Last year, the Phoenix Suns were stacked with guys that passionately switch their kicks from game to game, such as  P.J. Tucker – a 2014 Kicks On Court Champion finalist – the Morris twins and Eric Bledsoe, occasionally. All four players are back, and they’ve added former Sacramento Kings point guard Isaiah Thomas who laced up the best Reebok PEs of anyone last season (though that might not be the case for long, as we recently spotted him in a pair of adidas during a preseason game). From top to bottom, you can expect to see a nice mixture of retro footwear and new silhouettes on the feet of these Suns.

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