Kicks On Court Awards Pt. 1: Best Signature Sneaker

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Sadly, our Kicks On Court has come to an end seeing that the 2008-09 season has come to a close. If you have been following our daily Kicks On Court column, you should know which shoe is worn by almost every player in the NBA.

Throughout the season, many of you gave us your extensive opinions, whether it be positive or negative, about the various basketball sneakers and their colorways. Now, we give you one more chance to state your opinion! Welcome to the Kicks On Court Awards. In this four-day online award ceremony, you will get the chance to vote on your favorite sneaker from our various categories. With that said, click here to vote for your favorite signature shoe of the 2008-09 season! Check back tomorrow to vote for the next category.

Nike KD1

In honor of Kevin Durant’s stellar rookie year, Nike decided to give Durant his 1st signature sneaker for his sophomore season. Dubbed the Nike KD1, Durant told Nike that he wanted a quality, low-costing? sneaker, so the less-fortunate would be able to afford it. Nevertheless, it turned out to be a nice-looking, quality basketball sneaker.

Jordan CP3.II

Chris Paul’s young signature shoe line made the biggest improvement in one year without a doubt. The Jordan CP3.II was a 100% upgrade from his 1st signature sneaker. Specifically made to cater to Paul’s basketball abilities, the Jordan CP3.II was easily one of the better performance-ready sneakers on the market this year.

Nike Zoom Kobe IV

The Nike Zoom Kobe IV took everybody by surprise when photos surfaced. Could a professional basketball player safely play in a low-cut sneaker? The answer is yes. Kobe’s fourth signature sneaker became the lightest basketball sneaker ever and one of the most sought-after basketball sneakers this year.

Nike Zoom LeBron VI

The Nike Zoom LBron VI was easily the most marketed shoe this year. This particular shoe ended up in commercials with Lil Wayne, Nicole Scherzinger, Charles Barkley (the fish) and Kobe Bryant (the puppet). Despite its market mayhem, this shoe also revealed itself in more colorways than any other signature basketball sneaker ever.

Jordan Melo M5

If there is one word to describe the Jordan Melo M5 it is versatility. This shoe possesses features that can coincide with any position on the court. However, it became lost in the shadow of the aforementioned basketball sneakers seeing that it was the first to release out of all five. Nevertheless, the Jordan Melo M5 turned out to be a very quality basketball sneaker.

Now that you have the rundown of each sneaker, vote for your favorite signature shoe of the 2008-09 season below.

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