Kicks On Court: John Wall Returns in “Light Scarlet” Top Ten 2000 & Thaddeus Young Debuts “Memphis” Penny V

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By now, you’ve probably heard of?John Wall’s switch from Reebok to adidas?-?news that surfaced just four days ago.?In his first game back from injury, John Wall?returned to the hardwood in the “Light Scarlet” adidas Top Ten 2000 to help the Wizards snag their sixth win of the season. The “Light Scarlet” Top Ten 2000 hit retailers in the fall of 2012 for just $110. Expect to see Wall in more noteworthy adidas Hoops shoes as the season progresses.

In other news, 76ers forward Thaddeus Young debuted the yet-to-be-released “Memphis” Nike Air Penny V?(some refer to it as the “Blue Eagle” Penny V) in last night’s win against the Houston Rockets. We’ve seen Thaddeus in a number of Penny sneakers this season, including the “Tour Yellow” Penny V, the White/Royal Flight One and the “Orlando” Penny V. Check back in five days to see how Young obtains all of his Pennys in the upcoming Kicks On Court Weekly Recap.

View these kicks plus more, worn by LeBron James, Chris Paul, Thomas Robinson and others, in today’s edition of Kicks On Court.

John Wall entering the game in the adidas Top Ten 2000 “Scarlet” John Wall attacking the rim in the adidas Top Ten 2000 “Scarlet” John Wall defending in the adidas Top Ten 2000 “Scarlet” John Wall shooting in the adidas Top Ten 2000 “Scarlet” John Wall laying it up in the adidas Top Ten 2000 “Scarlet” John Wall wearing the adidas Top Ten 2000 “Scarlet”

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