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Oct 6, 2013 | George Kiel III |



Michael Parsley

Senior Crush and Stained Sunsets

It was my freshman year of college, and this senior girl who I had a huge crush on told me that she was throwing a party and that I should come. The decision to go was easy, but the decision on what to wear was another story. Of course I had to be on the top of my game that night, so I put together a fresh outfit, complete with a pair of the “Sunset” Air Jordan 5s on my feet.So I roll up to the party, and everything is going according to plan. I was easily the freshest dude at the party, and my crush certainly noticed it as well. She was showing me all kinds of attention, but little did I know, her boyfriend was about to show up.

So her boyfriend shows up to the party – and I’m not sure if they had already been arguing or what – but she wasn’t showing him any love that night. Next thing you know, one of the dude’s homies “accidentally” spills red punch all over my Jordans! The white laces, the white netting on the sidewall and all of the stitching were completely stained red. The shoe was ruined! Luckily, I was able to keep my cool, and I cleaned myself off with some extra help from my crush. Overall, the night ended well, and the red stained Sunsets serve as a pleasant reminder to that fun-filled evening to this very day.

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