#KickChronicles: Our Most Memorable Sneaker Mishaps – Nice Kicks Staff

Every now and then, unfortunate things happen to great shoes. No matter how much one tries to protect a good pair of kicks, sometimes life simply happens.

Our seventh installment of Kick Chronicles features multiple members of the Nice Kicks staff discussing their most memorable sneaker mishaps – things that went wrong regarding their most beloved shoes. Check out the short stories, and share your own sneaker mishap articles below.

Matt Halfhill

OGs that crumbled on ice

Image credit: FIREPOWER23 of NikeTalk

I learned the hard way just how fragile midsoles can be without even rocking them. I remember the day that I moved into our new offices and moved my entire collection of OG Jordans. I went into the room we refer in the office as “the vault” to grab a pair of OG Grapes to use for a photoshoot and to my horror, the midsoles were completely destroyed. Piles of dust and crumbles, the shoes were done for.

Immediately I wanted to check to see what else had died a painful death. Below is a list of DS OGs that are completely ruined due to age:

– Air Jordan V Fire Red
– Air Jordan V Grape
– Air Jordan VI Black/Infrared
– Air Jordan VI White/Infrared
– Air Jordan VI Off White/Maroon (shout out to Dan Levy)
– Air Jordan VI White/Sport Blue
– Air Jordan VIII Aqua
– Air Jordan VIII Playoffs
– Air Jordan IX Powder Blue

Sadly, many Air Maxes were doomed as well. Long in the short, WEAR your shoes, appreciate every moment with them, because unlike fine wine, they don’t always get better with age.

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