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Oct 6, 2013 | George Kiel III |



Allison Halfhill

Mom Gives Away OG “Bordeaux” 7s

As many of you know, Matt and I are the proud parents of four kids – all 6 and under – so we have lots and lots of baby clothes, baby shoes, anything and everything baby related. Well, one day I was trying to clear out the clutter and prepared a donation pile of baby shoes.

Aidan, our four and a half year old, was our first boy. So, everyone wanted him to be fresh like his dad and we received many generous gifts of baby sneakers. Matt bought a pair of OG Bordeaux VIIs on eBay long before we were married and we saved them for the day we would hopefully get to lace them on our baby boy.

Aidan ended up rocking those Bordeaux’s just once to an event at Nice Kicks and then they were safely (or so I thought) tucked away for safe keeping.

About six months later (before we found out we were having another boy), I was packing up old clothes and shoes to donate to Safe Place (an emergency shelter in Austin). My mom was in town and decided to help me out, and she packed up the shoes. A week later, I was in Aidan’s closet and went to move three Jordan boxes and noticed that they were incredibly light. TOO light. I opened them – EMPTY! I called my mom up and asked her if she knew where the sneakers were that were inside the boxes. Her reply, “Oh, I put them in the bag to be donated.” Well, you can’t be mad at mom when she was trying to help. I’m sure we made some toddler’s mom really happy with the OG Bordeaux VIIs, Space Jams and Oreo VIs.

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